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Can illegal voting really sway an election?

President-Elect Donald Trump claimed that three million votes in the United States were cast illegally. It is just the latest in a long line of unsubstantiated claims. Not only does he make the claim without citing evidence, he assumes that all illegal votes were against him. We know that's not true because Trump so thoroughly convinced some of his supporters that voter fraud was epidemic, they committed voter fraud to counteract the perceived injustice. However, just because Trump says whatever he wants without substantiation, does that mean no evidence exists? Regardless of whether Trump can back up his claims, is illegal voting a large scale issue in the United States? Virtually all claims of widespread voter fraud occur on right-wing websites. Even liberals who marched down the street tearing up property didn't believe voter fraud was a substantial issue. They just didn't like the election result. Almost all of the proposed evidence is generated by one side leadin

Do Not Ignore Donald Trump's Track Record

President-Elect Donald Trump represents a net negative to the majority of Americans. Most voters preferred that he didn't win and many who voted for him did so reluctantly. He not only lost the popular vote, non-voters most commonly referred to the outcome as " terrible ." In New Jersey, some Democrats didn't vote because they didn't believe Trump would win and some conservatives didn't vote because they couldn't stomach Trump. So, despite many conservatives who are happy that Hillary Clinton didn't win, as a nation we're mostly unhappy with the outcome. I am not interested in protesting a legitimately held election or kindling the fire under a trite faux resistance . I don't intend to bash the 60 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump and I have no interest in trying to shame them as I've seen elsewhere . I'm trying to convince everyone, including his supporters, that Donald Trump has been lying to you and that we must view