Friday, December 31, 2010

Police Still Pretend to Get it Right

Police interest me because of their necessity and their corruption.  Many people have many sites dedicated to police corruption and essentially hating the police.  That's not me.  I think the vast majority of police are pretty decent guys, ego and all.  Some police egos get too big and they like showing off how awesome they are.  I see it regularly. You probably have seen your share of it.  It's worse in cities.  Many of our cops are burnt out and will do anything to get out of paperwork.  Not many of them are there to help people.

In Kansas City, I have been worn out by apathetic police.  It's disgraceful.  They then pretended to be doing something productive and it prompted me to write a blog about how they handled the Waldo rape press conference.  They announced they had arrested a "person of interest" (whatever the hell that means, because it's not the same as a suspect) in the Waldo rape cases.  He was charged with rapes from the 1980s.  The police then forced him to shave his beard which he had for years, took his mugshot and then placed his mugshot side-by-side with a composite sketch of the Waldo rapist suspect.  They then refused to take a single question on the current rapes investigation and ended the interviews when they received too many questions about the very subject they called the conference over.  It was absurd.  They made Kansas City residents believe they had caught the guy they'd been looking for.  I loudly objected to how they handled the case, mistreated civilians, abused their power, and misled local residents.

I was mostly convinced that the police did not catch the Waldo Rapist because of the descriptions given by the victims--black male, 6'0", 250lbs, pock-marked cheeks, and bad breath.  The "person of interest" Bernard Jackson was 5'10", 180lbs, bearded at the time and without pock-marks anyway and carried mouthwash in his car. The 70 lbs difference was the real kicker. The police were so eager to make it look like they caught the guy, they were willing to mislead us.  Further suspicions arose when St. Joseph Police Commander Jim Connors said he didn't believe Jackson committed the recent Waldo rapes. Now, six months later, no charges have been brought in the Waldo rapes. The victims have not identified Jackson as their rapists. No DNA evidence has been made public. Nothing.  The rapes remain unsolved and as near as we can tell, uninvestigated since Jackson's arrest.

I no longer hold out hope that the police are even going to bother looking for the truth, just the story that is most convenient. I've been provided with too much evidence of their self-serving corruption.  I decided to revisit this topic when my neighbor called the cops because a man was lunging at the women from our building, trying to gain access and the cops never showed.

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  1. Bernard Jackson was charged with two of the rapes against the women in Waldo. It's good to know that even though the police managed this case at a leisurely pace, they were indeed investigating.