A Few Things

 I finally decided to add some content to my website www.Onehitkill.com.  It was originally going to be Something more ambitious, but I don't have the time.  Instead, it will have links to all of my other projects, blogs, artwork, comics, reviews and stories, including this blog.  Right now it has only a few links.  Even though there's enough content to keep most people entertained for quite awhile, I hope to improve on the selection as time goes on.  I have a comic project that is slow to get off the ground, a novel that I will probably self-publish (I don't want to jump through a bunch of hoops) and put online, some short stories to upload, several art projects-including some contests that I may enter, movie and video game reviews and maybe comic book reviews.  I've been trudging through Marvel's online archive lately. I totally recommend subscribing to their online digital comics too. It's well worth $60 a year.  I also just caught up on theWalking Dead. I was a year behind. I'm surprised that it's still so good.  More to come.


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