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Dear Rockstar Games, Please Don't Make GTA5

I was admiring your new project, La Noire , when I saw a surprising number of comments whining about you not announcing Grand Theft Auto 5.  Considering the upcoming La Noire and this year's Red Dead Redemption both have aspects of the GTA franchise built in, I'm not sure I see a point in another entry. After your pioneering efforts in the genre with GTA III, Vice City and GTA IV , is there really anything else we need to say about low-life crooks moving their way up the criminal command chain?  Even if some of us gamers enjoy having a grand theft fix, there are plenty of other competent knock offs of the GTA franchise, including Mafia, Driver 2 and Saint's Row .  There have even been improvements and fun tweaks with such games as Crackdown, Mercenaries 2 , and Just Cause 2 . Your company redefined the driving game genre with radio stations, non-linear missions and sandbox cities. You've created the best third-person shooter of all time, Max Payne . You brought us