New Safety Procedures for Oil Rigs

With today's release of BP's explanation for the oil rig disaster, a lot of finger pointing is going on.  This isn't a shock by any stretch of the imagination. We all expected as much. BP says the tragedy was the result of many mistakes by several companies. Of course, they blame themselves the least.  This actually isn't the reason I'm posting. I'm not outraged by BP's press release. I expected them to say something along those lines.

 I'm more interested in the new safety procedures that will come from the investigations on whose fault the disaster was. President Obama has his own commission that will investigate the causes of the explosion, fire and pollution. The commission will then recommend safety products that will prevent this from ever happening again.  This got me thinking about what the new procedures would be.  The first thing to come to my mind was nuclear reactors. They have safety protocols on top of safety protocols.  They have a button that anyone in the facility can anonymously press at anytime they feel that proper procedures aren't being followed. The EPA then shows up lickety-split

 After all, with all of the problems that oil rigs have, and the fact that they can incinerate 11 people in an instant goes to show how much they need something like that. I'm pretty sure that if I could be vaporized at my job, I would demand a way to tattle to a government agency so they could swoop in and save my life.


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