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Jenny McCarthy Gets Her Money's Worth From Free Speech

At what point does a person take the freedom of speech too far?  Most people cite the example of shouting "fire" or "bomb" in a crowded theater, which could cause extreme physical injuries including trampling deaths. Most of us recognize the prudence of safeguards against such actions. We accept certain limitations on speech when it comes to probable public endangerment. Other people cite the Presidential Death Threat as an example. We're not allowed to proclaim, "I will kill the President of the United States," unless we want the Secret Service kicking down our door.  That too, most of us understand.  But what about the murky areas between obvious extremes?  What if endangerment is subtle and erosive rather than overt and explosive? At what point does someone incite a riot rather than passionately express her views to the public?  At what point does condemnation of a nation's administration turn into aid and comfort to the enemy?  W